Sunday, January 30, 2005

How To Unlock A Tracfone

pantsucrew @ 2005-01-30T19: 38:00

Today I ordered my new PC NEN.

My "carrot" to me which I currently work, now has its final Limit reached. My incredible 2GB are fully jekliche programs work like a snail. * G *

Now I will put together a new computer and the middle of the week I get a first estimate for the new device. Let's see what they

because I can also be implemented.

Today in any case already reached out my wig for the Cure-white-Cos. I upload pictures twice in the next few days, but is nothing special long black hair with bangs.

Oh, Jade said on Monday its written final exams! So all the key once beautiful fingers crossed! * * Quetsch

So that was the first time today from me.

* kiss *

Red Lotus

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Rude Restaurant Servers

outdated design ...

Finally back at home at the weekend .... hui hui hui ...

because I could still work a little on the page and design the new verbessern.ich the frames have increased, so it looks better for higher resolution.

since I was allowed to keep my new sewing machine but, I could finally go on with the new costumes and start (although I can only work weekends * Heul *)

near the time of the costume from Pretty Cure Cure Black for Ani. The skirt I already finished, after I post pictures yet!

I also handle still on the corsage around .... Chii man what ne work ... this whole peak, many meters of lace, ahhh top as far as the eye can see, nothing else AHHHH! What are you listening today

interesting ... well, I have a sunburn in the solarium ..... yeah, I want a fair skin type so be sure something brown ....

If someone has link to the banner, just bring it!