Thursday, June 23, 2005

Floor To Ceiling Brick Fireplace

good hair days

^ ^ * harhar * yesterday was I am the hairdresser ... and now I'm finally with my hair in my beloved pink colored * swarm *

well, let's see what the people say tomorrow at the shop ... Here, no one turns the pink hair * gg *!

tralala I like the new hair color so it looks to me quite well ^ ^! * Smile *

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Backward Facing Engine Buggy



Today I received the envelope probably worst of my life!

I knew he would come today or tomorrow,

the envelope containing the exam results!

Today and yesterday at work I've had panic attacks, like the answer, the examiner would look like.

I've been served eighentlich every 5 min, as I failed.

JAde was my whining, I believe, no longer hear!

But I passed! * Yay *

freudentanzauff├╝hr * * *

dickesbussif├╝ralle *

Red Lotus

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Automotive Wiring Color Coding

New layout at Jade

So, after sooo many new layouts I have already one, the page still is not perfect ... but I'm still working drann, I hope you like there, a lot needs to be made even smaller, so it better fits into the picture, etc. some things have not stood on the new but will be in the next days on! see below

also I switched to english, I understand that international visitors (wennd as English for my even possible for it .....)

I also own LiveJournal, just to advance in my cossis only show d pantsucrew journal as I will use it only when it comes to joint projects. untangle the confusion something!

So please put me on your list:-D! I hope I've made too many mistakes net ....!

* cuddle * Jade