Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Example Of Notification Letter For Lease Expires

LOL so after half a year I'm doing NEM entry NEN time again! * Lol *

yes, my roommate (ingo) and I are moving next week! : D (I hope so * rofl *) Well at least we have to get out of here!

one of you (Berliner) have time maybe? O (
work Monday or Wednesday * think *

problem: we do not have a rental agreement or have the apartment still not 100%
place LOL! Neuk├Âlln (allerstr.) * yay *

must first be restored as well as still or . the floors may be deleted (because even help who? !)... hopefully next WE and stress here!
So who
time (and fun LOL) to me / us to help get in touch .... Budde! :)

@ dana
make it so until then separate;)

ETA: Vorre so. we get the contract Monday and will include the key! the work would then take place Wednesday from about 10 hours! : D