Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lower Back Pain Kidney Leading To Stroke

Can you provide proof of their existence?

This issue concerns me often. You will be provided by an android, which sets out in detail why he is a man. When his opponent, a man of flesh and blood, says that this is not sufficient, as is the Android him exactly that question.

What you answer yourself? (To anticipate the tension, the man ordered to shut down the android and a subordinate does not answer the question)

I stand in a detached house on the top floor.
It's night and raining lightly.
The sky is cloudy.
I open the large window and look out into the darkness of the night.
The cold night air comes to my face.
me down and when I breathe in, then I draw new strength.
thick raindrops patter on corrugated iron roofs and play a melody.
only the orange light of the street lamp illuminates the scene.
See, hear, and do nothing about.
No one is there, because you could watch. No
pleasant noise, just the monotonous patter of drops.
nothing which a rational being would be interested. However
is exactly one moment where I feel alive as a human being.
Could I ever be just dreaming here and listen to the absolute solitude and silence.

It is just wonderful ...

What would answer the Android?