Sunday, June 15, 2008

Birthday Cake And Ski Hat

mission accomplished

on friday I could I pick up my visa.

the embassy is in the middle of Munich. We were greeted first by NER massive door, with camera and intercom system.
then passed through light is still on the guard, including metal detector and bags.

I had my visa then after 5 minutes, I'm down for 5 hours ... somehow disproportionate.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ringworm Lives Ow Long


On Friday I got my application sent by post, woe to lose the thing ... so had to enclose a passport.

must now today I ask only that everything arrived in Munich is, then the woman said the consulate took no ne week.
you to the whole thing is that the visa will cost me nothing but bad is that I personally need to Munich to pick up

Edit. My documents have arrived in full and I can pick up on Friday scho. The seemingly goes really fast.
But the woman with whom I am in the consulate in contact is real nice and even though I already felt a hundred times
; called because this or that detail did. Nice is that on such a post also really nice people. :)