Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cloudy Urine From Antibiotics

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believe me no one does this and the sschlimmste: I have done the nciht from man may be ko.
last week I went from my thyroid hormone.
and I'm almost 10 days waiting for new ones that face mama sent by post. Cih
and now I just so tired and everything hurts. I have to lie down every few minutes because I'm so exhausted. every little thing I have to force MCIH.
wanted it so much I get done. yesterday I hatet a free day and want to do something, but Nope.
my blood pressure is in the basement and my heart rate even more.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sand Rail Games In The Wood

It's easier to leave than to be left behind...

Some morbid thoughts on sunday morning.

This week I was in hospice and palliative medicine had. It was therefore the patient the last days of her life and looked forward to for weeks. it is considered palliative if it is not visible from the medical help more if all options were exhausted.
The task as a physician is to make it to the patient as comfortable as possible. mainly painkillers and everything else as a side effect occurs.

inevitable was the topic of death with us at all.
I think persönliich not a life after death. I do not believe in heaven and hell. I think when you die it is just gone.
because otherwise our whole belief is wrong and illogical. if you die and Danch to get to heaven or to the Lord whatever you want to see it. then why do we cry when someone dies? should we not rather look forward, as do the Buddhists? We are envious because we want to love God and not indulge in the other, or we weep for yourself?
biologically different animals not much of us. why these are so nciht into the sky. because they have no soul, but nciht why pets are good. they are not malicious as people. thus they should come directly into the sky.

the mieste could do with my view of things nciht udn it got worse when I said that it would be okay for me to die.
if I knew that I die in a year I would not do much differently than I do now. I am satisfied with the life I live. I have no regrets. do not have the people feel even more things to say. I've always said all things to all what I thought. I am satisfied with the people in my life, the things I've done and left.
I must not take drugs, jump bundje or another, just because I'm going to die.
I was then asked whether I have no plans would have. and I have to say no, not really. 'll custody at least not in the sense that I lie on my death bed would say and always wanted to have done this or that. clearly there are things that would be cool, but if I do not do it, then that's fine.
why I study it, and generally get up in the morning. because there's just one of them. these are the things that make when you sit makes a part of the company. and if I now have another 5 Montae, 10 years or 50 years it does not matter DPCH. I do not know how much time I have, so why assume that there is little?

it's not that I have a death wish, no, I'm happy. because I like my life.
I'm just not afraid before my death I'm rather afraid of death of people close to me. true to the motto "It's easier to leave, than to be left behind."