Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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spotcat @ 2009-03-18T18:07:00

After the last few weeks, medically, rather boring and I were with human lung cancer and tuberculosis, the rumgeschlagen have had, is now all a bit exciting.
We are on the gynecology and obstetrics. My group has now made up less than obstetrics longer worked with pregnant.
it is nice to see the whole day pregnant. have practiced at the doll-pelvic examination, and soon we will implement in the practice. to now we have only seen faaaaaar many bellies and some vaginas.
were on the weekend Chris and I saw Gran Turino. good expensive film, but heavy. nothing so in-between.

and what I've learned however: if a stranger goes on, then at least use condoms, it is not nice anzustcken STDs (sexual Transferred disease) to bring home with you and your partner. in Norway it seems to give a lot and many people have as chlamydia. not nice. All show and no substance.

oh and have banned abortions in Poland. even after rape. even when genetic defects are diagnosed. but also sterilization are prohibited. all you want somebody understand