Friday, November 20, 2009

Kimono Robe From Titanic

21 is better than 20!

So now I'm so 21:) My birthday was very nice, well, the birthday: D have On Wednesday I made nothing, celebrated on Friday with friends and then on Sunday for coffee and cake at home. Everything really great:)
The party on Saturday with my girlfriend was awesome. At 6 am clock is Sascha and I came back by taxi.
in itself has not changed much. Awful lot of stress at the university, an examination I have fortunately been missing so only 7 million ... But I already created, it is a hard semester, but it will. That has to push and finally my GPA ... But I'm optimistic, even if I am totally exhausted at the weekend and still lagging behind with all the work .... I do not know how I do it, but somehow everything is lagging a bit. This weekend I am such challenges as catching a lot to talk about the clothes do not even ... no idea how I do it, but I can not easy and unfortunately am too proud to admit it. Today I'm actually free and could use half of the time to do just what I want, but I shop on premises, and go and learn and read. of my entire stint I will do well today half. But tomorrow I will see a mountain of work, who does not as great but I will seem endless. and then I'm discouraged and the extreme of emotions, will create what I do is cook maybe. and the mist is really because I never see what I've achieved and only the front of my eyes, what to do. and because people are wondering why I'm always listen. lists are the only thing I somehow loose my motivation gondola ride through the day keeps on living. I would not list what I like when done, then I probably would not get up. and this is a cruel state. because outside this list is nothing. anything, only just a millimeter of it would deviate me so throw out the concept that I do not hammer out more. I need this shit lists wants, but nciht anhänig be more of them. For example, I've just time to go shopping earlier than planned. But no, I am working with trite garbage in order to bridge the time until 13.08 clock, because, for then I planned to go shopping. nciht and more. I just can not like any normal human being to stand up and loszugehen simply because it's not in my plan. and that bugs me enormously. sascha it sucks too. I'm so inflexible that I can not even manage to wash his underwear, if he nciht to friday in the laundry basket sets. it lies next to or in the bedroom or in the hallway It's not. It is dependent nciht in the basket. and this is only nciht pedantic, that's sick. I am unable to simply do the laundry clean suit. quite aside from the fact that he obviously could you throw accurate, but there is no one crazy like me, you're incompetent, they just do 10 cm on to himself in the basket. Corrosive. Is there any nciht book, with a plan, as I stop to make plans and begin to become more flexible? Blah -.-

In this sense,
cry caterpillar

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Install Convertor Box In Rv

spotcat @ 2009-11-05T15:06:00

my dear readers, I just got an intubated people:) and he lives
:):) so today I stand

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Robe Kate Wore In Titanic

spotcat @ 2009-11-04T22:30:00

on, look out the window and I think only that but can not ssein true. there was snow. Schneeeeee !!!!! schneee early November. I wanted to cry. and cold it is.

Chris and I were at today's dance class. even after 3 years we have really made it. It was quite funny. hehe na we'll see what we learn as Sun :)