Thursday, April 21, 2005

Building Reflector Telescope

News Flash News Flash


's me again! It was nat├╝rlcih worse than I thought!

Here in Rotenburg Educational Center in the PC's are kapputt! that is, for me at least 5 days without internet! Cruel!

now I have it the next time I place in an internet cafe and made comfortable sio chop a bit before me the keys!

Friday comes JAde entlich again! But unfortunately she is flying through the dirkt Anime Marathon! "I would be interested brennedn times so if you have bekomen NEN still room for the Conneko?

Jade, if you send home to me dch views nen SMS then I cry at times fast to the latest news from you retrieve!

* * aufBerichtebrennt

so must now get out here, otherwise it will be too expensive.

Until next time

Red Lotus

Sunday, April 17, 2005

How Lon Does A Enlarged Heart

disaster Pantsu weeks with the Crew!

first Already 2 days without Jade

second Today departure to the final course of my education.

third Jade's return: the first next Friday

4th My return: first of next Saturday 5th

No immediate return of my hand - direct take off from Rotenburg / Totenburg to Ludwigshafen to Conneko.

6th Panic - I have everything packed? ....

7th 2 weeks no sewing machine -> no Cosplayfortschritte ...

wahhhh .... worse, it can not be!

Redlotus ^ ^