Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Can You Get Calamine Lotion On Sims 2

memory training

who has always played like memory can do so here:


I found it funny .... and you learn it even was: D

Friday, November 11, 2005

What Else Could It Be Besides Herpes


sooo ... I also wanted to briefly log into my short stay! : D

we drive the way but not to Garopaba but to Florianopolis! (@ Flo yes that is really so: D) .... And there is sooooo great beaches!

unfortunately it is only 20 - 24 are grad! : (... For sea clearly too cold

look naja times

it is now semi-11h and I have to get up at 5am and of course I have my bags packed yet
NOT LOL but I still am not at all! tired ... hmpf

uuuund ... I've lost my sunglasses today in the city!! * Mega Howler *... they gave me but it means a lot! O (

... that I have now Brazilian flipflops .... hm ... poor little sunglasses: (

wish you a great weekend * wink *

until wednesday:! D

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Mcculloch A Good Brand

history lesson with gippie - dandelion music in the background

this entry is in the first line of the Berlin course may he read them all! LOL

ok! isses with you all gone! But I still have 9 november!
in school was always great! if I geschi Mr. Moes (yes real name was unfortunately so), had then was always asked what is so all important on 9 november is happening!
nachm second times where I've noticed that he really asking for the year, I've written to me, then of course the year after "knowledge" with my to shine! : D
yes, what's happened there?

So there we have the 11/09/1923 ! hitler putsch!
Germany after 1 WK! poverty, high inflation (yes, what was that? 1 egg only cost 3 trillion mark or so ?!)... and Hitler attempted a putsch in Munich! ... The but failed, whereupon he goes into the jail! in this he then his "bestseller" written!

... then there would be 09/11/1939 ! the night of Broken Glass pogrom and rich!
the nazis (SS and SA) destroy in a night burn all Jewish shops, synagogues and from abuse and killing of Jews all over Germany!

ok ... there were four points, but I can now only one of 11/09/1989 ! the fall of the wall!
The Beginning of the End: On 9 November 1989 announced Politburo member Guenter Schabowski on a memorable press conference, the freedom of travel for East Germans - and thus initiated the end of the state. That same evening, hundreds of thousands flocked to the border crossings. (rbb-online.de)

I've just at rbb-online.de read some eyewitness accounts! and somehow it moved me completely! I was probably too young to really mitzukriegen everything! besides, I'm not a Berliner, so I was not even "live" there! ... But do not know, somehow it has really moved me what I have read so for reports! and somehow I'm proud to be a little German! proud that Germany has made it to the German unification!
and actually I am always against Germany and not at all patriotic! But yes, perhaps, is the period of study at mine! you learn to appreciate things only when they no longer have .... or so! ...
ok who I think would have now taken on a wafer or the drug, which unfortunately I have to disappoint! : D read ... when has this feeling stop crept and I can nix! : O
if I will get up tomorrow, I will definitely think the same !...* birdie *

whoever wants to read a few reports here ...: http://www.rbb-online.de/_/ themes / index_jsp / key = portal_3355746.html
* edit * shit as is the tag for ne url? * EDIT *

yes and sorry if it totally exciting here, now what you expected ... I was only going to be times!

me .. and oh yeah occurred is point 4! ... 11/09/1919 ! Friedrich Ebert calls the Weimar Republic! ... or was stresemann republic with German?? ... Do not remember! who wants to can correct me! is been a while since I had school in the! ;)

not guarantee correct! all ausm head ... and some people knows my memory;)

haaaa I know now why I am so "touched" has!
there was something about the border crossing Invalidenstra├če ... Bornholm road oberbaumbr├╝cke kreuzberg ... ... ... ... etc. berlin is so dependent! : D ....* missing it soooooo much *

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Prescription Medications In Cancun

has run the dishwasher to millionaire! anything is possible in brasil!

ok ... short update!

yesterday I finally received my checks for november! 360R $!

then we (the people other IAESTE and I) still get an offer where we could go there next weekend, since WE is long, for a holiday on tuesday!

does not this look appealing?

promotional image 1 image 2


advertising image 3 image 4


is the place Garopaba! from Saturday to Tuesday, it only costs $ 185r! (~ 66,-EURO) ... yes, and since yesterday we have decided spontaneously to do that! So yesterday already paid! : D

then I was shopping yesterday ... well so have no summer clothes here! - Result: 2 new pants and some new converse allstars! together about 170,-R $!

... yes and that was about my salary november! ROFL

hope at least that I could ride as well as banana can Ner (the towed by speedboat NEM ROFL)! Stefan (quote: "you and your banana !"..)... hey wanted to make even more time since I was a little kid! : D

Sunday, November 6, 2005

Is Anglo Irish Safe In 2010


hey dana! I'm still on time!

I wish you all the best and love for your birthday! * Cuddle *

hope you have celebrated nice! :-)

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Beer Neon Space Needle


so I put the last 2 1 / 2 hours so spent, photos from last weekend to bring online! something many were unfortunately! ... well "unfortunately"! LOL

woe you know this is not appreciated! : O

and now I have cold fingers! * I now set out in the sun, go and enjoy the rest of the holiday *