Thursday, January 19, 2006

Do You Need To Register A Tent Trailerontario


Greetings from Aachen! : D

more soon!

ps: I'm fine ... after a 60 hours travel: D

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Orange Pinstriped Tuxedo


because my "time abroad" will soon be over, I want to thank people for a few that I say it in real life for me what have made, or were there when I needed help.
thanks to you was much easier for me because it would have been otherwise difficult to regulate! (! Actually impossible)

first I would like to thank Ingo that he has helped me not "go to jail;)
and has settled in the dorm abissl what!
thank * cuddle *

kris, I would like (again) for Thank you all the time that you've taken care of my post, you saved me from the register of students at the beginning and everything you did to my room clear! would not know what I would have done without you! * Knutsch *

my dear ex-neighbor of present-tenant andré , many thanks again to you (continue to live and hopefully there: P) first room in my live, and secondly, I doubt those few "do" things must test (post calls / accept for me?).
thanks anyway! :)
on a good neighborhood! : D

and cloey you I thank you that you've taken care of financially to the network! ;) Muito obrigada
! beijos e abraços!

in october I have 2 girls helped with something!
so big thanks to Dana and trisha ! * * Wuddel
I know, actually was but the dana, but the order was only just on trisha or both of you! :)

and love Nodine I want to thank! * * Knuddelwuddel
relates to our conversation yesterday! ;)

Finally, my dear mama ! just for everything! * Cuddle *

with friends like you is such a stay abroad much more easily! :)

if I forget who, sorry! But thanks be to you too! : D

PS: and yes I know you want to kill me determined for the terrible photos! : P can you do that then when I'm back! LOL

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Do Vans Lookbetter With Shorts

thank greeting from cusco: from D


just wanted to say that I am here safely arrived in cusco! The bus trip was indeed horror (I have not tolerated and could eat it then I look again in the night:-S) but well ... not what you are doing everything to see times Machu Picchu! morning, it is then the 1-day excursion along!
solala weather is really warm ... let cool and then stir again!

but I must say when I return in berlin am I need a break from all the travel first! * Dead *

way ... my hostel has internet for free: D yes and yes ...

time difference when the whole I'm totally confused

Saturday, January 7, 2006

What Is Milan From College Hill Weave


LOL! today I bought my ticket for Machu Picchu!

either tomorrow or on monday it starts! 5 nights and 4 days! I'm excited! it'll be included! for it was really fucking expensive! (380 U.S. $!!!!!: S) ... well am only here once! : D

and something funny ... the city just across the border, so it is already in Peru only 30 minutes from here! But ... is the time difference! I go here for 12 hours from noon and arrive at 10.30 am or so! ... Somehow full of paradox! LOL

Thursday, January 5, 2006

Grace Quek Web Developer

the land where they eat guinea pig on a spit! : D salut

today I am going to peru very likely! then everything should be cheaper than here in chile! I'm excited!
and maybe we can even since my trip to Cuzco (Machu Picchu) book! I hope so, because too much time I have no more! Next week is Sunday so I have to drive me back down to Santiago, because I will fly on wednesday! : (.... Or better:))) .... eh ...

and I think I shall therefore not make it over to Bolivia! * Pout *