Friday, December 8, 2006

Messages In Baby Book

ROFL ROFL ... that is a real

shall place before I ROFL!

is the oh so sweet!

shit is so expensive is that of! otherwise I had the Christmas wish list to me!

Friday, December 1, 2006

How To Fake Ear Thermometer

assessment center - then

boaaaah LOL!

that was what!

was therefore the first of this test! was the first entirely in English, what with so "they have launched a number series Please notify the fort "net sooo bad things indeed is! but when then 4 words are given and indicate that you had not fit into the series, then's it stupid if you do not know all! * LOL *
checkboxes somewhere and a lot of bad tractive 3! omg! I hate that! and then even without a calculator! bäääh!

then then came the even presiding with, pretending like "what are strengthening their and weaken what they see as years in 5 etc" .. .. and of course I forget the strengths and weaknesses to tell! * lol * Well, but was otherwise quite ok!

then ne stupid group exercise / discussion where I so ne better / swiss remember all of it was! * puke * but ok ... present the results went too!

Finally, there were only formalia as feedback arc etc!

and next week we receive a decision! but whether the will be positive for me, I doubt! the others were 80% BWLer! and those are the areas most companies like this! ! Wait

worth jedenf all ne experience! : D

tonight I'll go first a drink or something!

Big Mama's Soul Food Nebraska

assessment center

ok ... hahaha ... it is an entry from me! is indeed extremely rare! must therefore also be important then! Internship Program (for whom ever!)

at 14h I have a 4-hour assessment center for one!
eigenlich I thought, oh, is already not so bad!
but now I am excited and shit me this morning is just dizzy and bad! * Well *
I'm in really well prepared! himself presiding, logic tests, group discussion and even negative in-tray exercises I have done together with Ingo (he has his ac tomorrow).

lalala ...* dizzy *

maybe I should just meditate? (If I could it) with all the rest ... or even my blouse ironed ?!... clothing business is in fact the day! * Puke * *

einaaaaaatmeeee ausaaaaaatmeeeeee .... .... .... einaaaaaatmeeee ausaaaaaatmeeeeee .... .... einaaaaaatmeeee ausaaaaaatmeeeeee ....*

wishes me luck! hopefully disgrace yourself because I do not totally (just think about saying misfire and blackouts LOL)