Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rod Holders Blueprints

News Flash II

Yeah .. today is not Friday: o

(1) Aikido

If desired or more pressure I had to find me a sport. Since I used to float, I was looking for the appropriate class in sports and found that it is not as cheap as the Unischwimmhalle is and you had to find a private operator. Ergo, I looked for something new .. as my eyes fell on Aikido, which I remembered what I had read about it. This martial art that will not hurt his opponent, but it would bring him, that he does not want a fight. We use the power of our opponents to make him fall. But actually, we will say, "Please let him rest, we would not fight." And I think Aikido is superior to all other martial arts ^ _ °

But every beginning is hard to stop. I will have to re-learn how to fall properly, or rolls. Until I'm ready to learn any Geriffe and throws, it takes a while;)
But all in all, it gives me a lot of fun to learn and improve.

(2) Derbes physics major

Why am actually studying physics? I think I've really no satisfactory answer to that. Perhaps it is clear to me over the course of time. But slowly I know why the first year of the study of this crucial point. It almost kills one. This stark difference between school and university / college. Maybe that passes after a few weeks .. but now after a few days when one becomes aware that you have to do. And follow-up. We'll see how it goes ..

(3) Ink-Net @

I had given up hope to have before November I-net. But lo and behold, the day on which I wanted to call, because everything is running at last. And the friendly man who has everything installed, has the contract given to early November, ergo the end of the month no cost to me ^ _ °

(4) Course Pyrotechnics

Hmm .. is unfortunately not until next week, so I can tell anything yet, except that the places are limited. 10 people per course, due to Safety precautions. So .. wait and drink tea;)

Ah .. the rest will follow later: x

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cheap Gold Coast Abortion Clinics

News Flash!

will shut the Blbliothek in 10 minutes there (and then the security guard shoots anyone who dares to put his foot .. on the threshold or still trying to escape), I fasssen brief.

I throw now cheerfully terms in space and their grĂ¼blet about ankh, like what they mean. On Friday, I will tell you the solution: D (because Thursday .. erm I've zero desire: x)

- Aikido

- crude physics studies

- ink-net @

- reading pyrotechnics

- Cooking / live

^ _ °

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Physics Behind A Rocking Horse

And now comes the advertising ...

I know not know who it is even noticed, but right now, where the study has not started yet, so I have much time for TV etc.

In advertising, I set you up in the sound and listen to music (PC with TV card and so ^_°). There I watched most of the time display, and then sometimes do not trust my eyes: It seems that the advertising is extended rapidly in recent years. During the afternoon kept the advertising in 5-6 minutes, it counts for evening films almost 8 to 9 minutes (peak until current level of 10.5 minutes).

I remember a project of my elementary school before 8 or 9 years when we had the task to investigate that television and commercials. At that time we had the on media and should investigate how products have been advertised (the good old days). At that time the commercials were almost constant at 4 to 6 minutes .. afternoon and evening.

It should be noted that the duration of the commercials but the evening rise, but then reduced very rapidly to almost 1 minute. Usually this happens late at night. Sure, yes you will also Konumenten keep in line, because otherwise they just fall asleep.

What I find so frightening is how quietly they did. All the time, an advertisement more slowly .. so 20 to 30 seconds. So fast minutes of it. Of course not immediately 10 ads more. But always a more slowly, until the audience get used to it and it is for "normal" stops. Then comes the next one. Wait again, then. And at some point we are then at 10 min commercial breaks.

.. I think at some point they will also break between two commercial breaks (also gennant actual film) cut and reap even more coal.

Then we have television in the U.S., where even the ads have messages. Since that time which also extended the main film of 120 to 140 minutes to 240 minutes.