Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tawnee Stone Chocolate

spotcat @ 2009-12-09T13:23:00

We did it. We go to Peninsula Peninsula (so strictly speaking region of 12-15 of which there are specified.
I'm so excited. On February 16 we find out which city we come from, or what program.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Polaroid Target Instant

spotcat @ 2009-12-08T16:16:00

I am so nervous is because this whole England thing and the work when the for with england works.
I've already ne gastric inflammation because of the whole. no matter what I always eat bad and burp I have. buhu.
ophthalmology is still boring. I might seem a talent to have, but I'm just going to waste, because I find so boring. ophthalmology I may now make wirklcih nciht, although I not so sure I if I can make emergency medicine. Although it is super exciting, but I think on some things I had to break easily. burn victims are the worst, I have to leave the room. but the pictures I've seen people from auto accidents to were not much better. as it shudders really.
to make as many decisions and so little time. and so grpße impacts.
Chris aunt birthday, as we drive toward the same if the chris someday comes back from his meeting.
and then it tomorrow already home. I've packed but boxing can we take, but I personally never packed my things from nciht, but I'm not even properly prepared for this text on thursday, so the exam ophthalmology.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ceramic Hair Iron Hsbc

spotcat @ 2009-12-05T11:25:00

goes in a week, home on Christmas.
I'm stressed already totally real. reports results on Wednesday bezügliich the whole England thing. I hope so it works for us.
because we assume that we go to england, we also have our apartment decided to pose, zukündigen march for the end. on 5 march we have finished uni and then we decided to take in may for the diploma award a hotel, because it probably makes no sense to keep the apartment for so long.
try so I have to look at what we might now have to take to Germany, so it then in march less.
really strange to the border soon pose in all about.

else there is, as always, not much to report. everything is okay so far and is in good railways.

yesterday I became a girl in my year, the talk in February, and the mama is totally trying to micih I should convince even be mama. I become concerned when I am the same age married children and has become a topic. earlier times one has talked about it but it's not taken into erwähgung.
terrible, when am I so old now =)