Monday, March 1, 2010

Mario Wii Hint Movie Question Mark

spotcat @ 2010-03-02T07:58:00

I still can not believe that university should be over now. we were only 39 in our vintage because you have a great closeness. It is so sad to now have to say goodbye to everyone. we all see again wiederf├╝r the graduation ceremony in May, but that will only be a tag.
and although I always went on the nerves, I'll already miss everyone.
the time is still a friend of chris to be visited, flies again today. I think Chris has got that someone was here before, then you understand better what we so in recent years have made here.
and chris goes tomorrow then go to Zakopane ski, at a tournament. I will then start to pack boxes very much. on friday they mri then internet and phone. there is still some way to do 100 and 1 thing and do and I lack total of inspiring. Tja


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