Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cute Plus Size Clothing

The end ...

.. my Vorsemsters ^ _ °

Vorsemsters the last week of running, then I have to do two weeks is not, well .. of the matriculation ceremony on 8 October apart.
beginning 15 October my studies in physics. The funny thing is probably that we are probably 6-7 people

xD But I love it already .. the Physikproffessoren know how to do a lecture interesting and also like the exercise, then blocks me a lot. Challenging, but not too heavy

gibbts What else to report?

Today lease signed and sealed. So I'm now my brand new apartment (consisting of my room, a small hall with kitchen space and bathroom). Unfortunately, the apartment complex organs is overhauled, I-Net TV and still not possible .. I hope soon, because I slowly running out of employment: /

according to Hailer to Chozebuz and see you soon;)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Timex Wr 30m Battery Replace

No wai!

This weekend I am going not even home so no ICQ, etc. ..: /

I'll probably explore the city and go to the movies again: o

PS: currently running masses of white-haired people through the library. As if this was a museum and tourist attractions. As marvel at everything and touch. one hand on the other fascinating .. scary o_O

you soon ^ _ °

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Oreck Vacuum Frieze Carpet

the little things in life ... II

(1) The secret temptations

waiting for a train decorated with under difficult when you're alone and it has nothing schmöckern. So the business center to talk .. look, let's see here. What one does not do anything to kill time. And as it comes over me .. like a hypnosis beam do I need it. Deep inside my brain is to follow the command of the body. Everyone knows this feeling, this feeling, which forces you to do this and that it was buying shoes, or runterzuschlingen a delicious meal. For me it is


When I have time and nothing particular to do, then it magically pulls me into it. I am always amazed at how many magazines and journals are there. I usually wander first through the whole store and review the selection. If it shows up a particular book that interests me, then I Verhaar shcau-browsable carefully the whole Shelf. Then I go until I got through the whole store. Then I look at how much money I have and weigh up what book is irritating me more and then it goes to the checkout. The

a wise man once said (one whose name I could not remember: /): "If a book is worth reading, it is also worth to buy it."

So I was at the Ostbahnhof (berlin!) and poked me with "Press + book" (good shops are advertising deserves, I think;)), where I found a book that I did not expect to find. I found another book by my favorite writer Bill Bryson. Used and equal to the checkout. I always thought I had all that he brought out in German At any rate .. I love all these books together (which reminds me of a certain trigger further person still has a book by me: still not a student, but more of a contender, I'm the first student from 8 October .. for matriculation. Now I'm here the previous semester, where we get all Erstsemsterleute again called to forget literally what seems important to say two weeks and one week mathematics physics. 2 weeks
The math breaks down in three minutes 90th Ie the first 90 minutes, the exercise groups. Here we discuss and solve the exercises on the theme of the previous day. Then 30 minute break and the lecture begins. Again 90 minutes a new topic, which is explained and how to develop approaches to solutions of such issues tasks. Then 1 hour break. Time for lunch and what else does it so does. Then follows the Tutorial. The last 90 minutes lessons for the day. This moves on to a kind of debriefing the lecture and some of the tasks Übungensblätter. Then I usually go
in the library, where I print the exercises and net surfing, etc. After all this shopping

1h either goes home or to where I dispel my time with DVD's, music and exercises.

But .. as I said .. the lecture and the tutorial are all repetitions, which sometimes are put forward to sleep, boring. No wonder that some bring their laptop and the Internet Pocker (I saw it wirtklich) play or read the newspaper. For there is no obligation to attend. If you do not come, then that is your Thing. So you like to sleep in (08:30 clock starts here) or use the time you could spend in the tutorial or in the course different. As entries are posting here, because who anchrechnet, who noted that I now have tutorial: I have heard O

As I yesterday, the first hour of the new Tutoriumsleiter, I had no trouble falling asleep. Nothing against the staff personally, but I was thinking, I save the rest of the week's tutorial.

But next week is finally beginning physics! Then to get up and then only has 11 clock lecture and then exercise group ^ _ °

What do I get rid of but still want: I think it's terrible to go in the middle of the tutorial / course. Either you come or it can be. If one is there .. then you have to stay .. I think anyway: /

That's it for heute.Ich jettzt listen to because I am Mitr sure that I always find myself staring at the Sektretärin if I look away.
kill her and steal her Maybe I comfortable chair .. because I am here for 1 hour: / .. but hey .. who cares ^ _ °

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Phoenix Mutual Insurance

The little things in life ..

(1) We are the Borg. Resistance is futile.

I used to be more of a Star Trek opponents more and preferred the Star Wars series. Why is that so had no idea ^ _ ° I also think that it was generally the case that you were either Trecki or Sw-trailer. .. But somehow had to I view the movies, which currently run and the eighth part is really very interesting because the Borg find it simply amazing and their history and Inzenierung.
But I think the serial .. I'll never look (niemals!). But who knows .. some races of the Star Trek universe, which would irritate me more, occur only in the series, which drives me safely back later to look at the (but surely not every series and its offshoots .. so nerdy I am but not o_o).

(2) At home nowhere and everywhere .. I'm

times this weekend to house home-made chilli con carne to enjoy (somehow I love meat!) And to watch television and surf the net and i-erm post pick.
Oh .. and to see my parents (: x).
Nevertheless, it is time to sleep again in nice big bed, because the beds in dormitories are rather small ..: /
But actually I came mainly to them, the new data and funds for my immediate and permanent housing reported. And what happened .. I leave the letter in the dorm; \u0026lt;
But what is strange, the feeling is soon to be permanently on, which can not all clutter, one has collected over the years, put down somewhere and forgotten, now has not can take because you have not much space. So life is sorted into memorable and forgotten. Since there are a lot of stuff, what follows on either years has sought, or never find wollte.Da before it creeps me: /

(3) Iron Maiden

Somehow I get the idea germinates in, (listening to music) the musical development of my person to argue, but einandernmal must happen: o

I can only say, I love this British for Iron Maiden. I can only agree if someone defined the early years of Iron Maiden's creative path as the epitome of metal. As for her current progressive phase ... I'm ambivalent on the one hand I'm very inclined toward the other, I sometimes find the robust metal from the past. I believe with Iron Maiden I've found a new favorite band that I almost to my idols would include (if I had the idols o_O). Who put the question to the best of anyone, or album title would, because I had to think long, but generally I say .. many more live songs sound much better, which is due to the nature of Iron Maiden, what is there, the band DSSS a lot of help, such as choir, etc. omitted.
Where I look at just a lot of live performances, some people should wear long hair, some do not compare to .. just the beginnings of some bands and then today (sometimes comically from Manowar see xD). But I come from the subject .. I need the live DVD's from Iron Maiden (AND STRESSES ME WHY That fucking spelling program IRON MAIDEN AND RED ON NOT?) This had be said once! Best
title say .. hard .. but "Como Estais Amigos" comes close dran.aber there are a zillion other that appeal to me like "Paschendale" or "Fear of the Dark" (where I currently to the latter as Favourite tend ^ _ °)

(4)? ? ?

What is missing? I do not know ... we get upset at times that we are no better with our mind, so we offer dozens of magazines by whether effective or not. But we must not forget (no pun!) How quickly we were on the ground or burst our memory would be when there is no forgetting. Remember any "shit" would probably not even remotely desirable

why I write about it? I can not remember o_O

(5), for reading!

I must say .. the issue of the Geo 80 August 2007 and October 10, 2007 edition like me until now the best in the entire geographic range. I mean, I did not know that the world is peaceful. I knew nothing of the report, which says how many conflicts and wars come to an end and gone (The report is two years old: /). The media give us only a false image, because they have more conflicts, wars, assassinations and the like report, because only brings the audience (that's Entertaiment!). I remember nurmal to Iraq war 2004th This was war, with destruction and murder ago at 20:15 clock.
The theme of this month's issue is justice. But I've never read enough to form a conclusion. But justice shalt not only be achieved through control and coercion, as it promotes selfishness more than one trust. An examples is an experiment with a lot of strangers who form a second group. One before a glass wall, behind the others. Only receive a 100 € and must decide how much he makes. The other man does not know how much money the other, but he has to reject the possibility, then both players walk away empty-handed. It is important that both probably would have never wiedersehen.Nach view of the business economists, who make the money less on the others. But 50% each filed half the money.
If no money, but was determined to head, this could now demand a certain amount, like 20 €. This constraint made the money to the egoist that he had voluntarily given a lot more, but now he is only the lot • amount.
be great ^ _ °

Hmm just a little much .. but hey
night ^ _ °

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How To Store Sushi Grade Tuna


34 weeks later ^ _ °

Sobin Chozebus I now what is the way Cottbus. In the language of the Sorbs indicated: x

I study here at the wonderful magnificent Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus. Well .. I am not yet enrolled: /
is the moment's in the previous semester to learn everything again, or to call to forget literally what seems important to study .. what virtually all logic and set theory is funny .. I say to you /

least I have my own room. And because the
Währe too beautiful, it is practically the Innenausstaung held in the Bauhaus style (Spartan equipment is not mind!) (Drive you crazy) with a reassuring white on the walls.

But that's still far too great, because you could even get used, so the Gebäube end of September closed (only 10 years to do anything and then wonder why the renovation is so expensive: /)

I hope until then has the students work an apartment / room for me ^ _ °

Abrer the worst is .. .. not have internet because I only Akufen mont as can and I am only 2.5 weeks in this house, so I live without and go to the library.

But in the new apartment, which I then years would inhabit, as I get it to me then (need!)
not even the TV card in the Pc has received here
o_o I miraculously escaping but in berlin: \u0026lt;

naja .. see you soon ^ _ °