Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tech Deck

spotcat @ 2010-01-31T12:48:00

ultimately it is happening is that you're alone on this planet. and if you want something that is done the way you like it, then you have to do it yourself.
chris has a lot of hair, so of course he loses a lot of hair. and I hate it when hair somewhere. ih find the totally awful. actually chris is also responsible with us for the floors. But it interfere with the hair not just get. at least not like me. and therefore is never as clean as I made my imagine. therefore do I have to do everything themselves. so much for sharing the duties of house holds lichen.
so if I want something that is done properly, that is, as I like it. then I have to do it yourself, or sometime even earn enough money that I can afford a cleaning lady, which makes it the way I want it. and if it needs twice the time for it and I need to pay it twice.
so much for the weekly apartment cleaning

Monday, January 25, 2010

Broken Blood Vessels Images

spotcat @ 2010-01-25T21:32:00

incredible. there are still weeks 6th 6 weeks uni, then it had the first uni for me. I first pull back to Germany. then in july to go to England to work there for two years. quickly 6 years poses is passed. it makes me sad schonw irklcih. somehow I am still in the city and all used to. and I like totally love our apartment. Allow all so strange back. and the weeks in 6. wow.
mid-February, then I know on which stations and in what city I'll be next year in England.

such a chaos. there is still much to do and to organize that I shy away only think of it.
Basically I try to spend my last weeks as relaxed as possible, to celebrate good to see friends and just have a good time Zuu.

on the weekend Chris and I were joined in a small poznan outside. Our neighbor had given us. It was really nice. we had a good time and it has also been good for us sometimes.