Tuesday, September 23, 2008

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hello everybody!
So I'm back from NY and I must say it was great.
the city is great and I am totally felt comfortable. if at some point I have enough money I'd live there already.
but $ 2,600 UR 2 is a bit steep room. But
central park 5th ave. all super Sun wherever you go you have any cameras or photo shoots. manhattan is great. I want to live there.
we also have the premiere of the new ugly bety show seen with all the starlets on the red carpet. ugly bety not yet known really. well it's just so ne tv show.
in the airplane I've finally released sex and the city saw.
hammer film. I liked very much.

Well now I'm at home on Saturday and it's oh already returned to Poland.
because I do not feel like I need to say on it have probably nciht.

so as to pack in front of me with all the stress and what I need and so on.
and I now that I am moving soon I will completely depressed and thoughtful and all.

also makes my laptop now also broadcasters to break. is the drive for some time back. but now also adopted more of a fan. It is essential to a friend morgenudn's see what we can do.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

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Earthquake and tsunami

Slowly the notes
Lisa what it means to live in Japan. On Friday, a tsunami swept over us and this morning was my first earthquake. However, only n bit gewackle wars and brought it in my area only until Ner 2 (in the neighborhood, however, until ne 3) interested
Wen: http://www.jma.go.jp/en/quake / 3/340/21073000391.html :)

What worries me, however, already, is the fact that for me is a shelf that just leaning against the wall and in the lease says that I not change the allows to fix wall. Non times tacks. Ifs is quite stupid, could me the stupid thing for a stronger quake killed directly even in sleep.
If I pay the next rent go, so I'll probably ask.

When working it is a bit strange, I work in the 18 Stock (17 according to German counting). Now every employee has a helmet (this construction of thing) is to strengthen you in making the event an evacuation is necessary, align. Now my question is what can help me with a strong quake a helmet? Easier identification because you can assign the people because the company logo, at least the company? Or that the helmets are any super me from steel beams ? Protect
Well hopefully I'm not here to figure out the ...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

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pati to karaoke

On Friday night gabs micht for a little welcome party. With the team where I work and boss.

We warn in a typical Japanese restaurant. The food was fine so far, but I refrained for security to ask what I eat because actually ... Have
get some tips out there what to see and to know their colleagues better.
During the meal was also provided me off sake, it tastes so bad even net worth. Also interesting is the wine in Japan is one of the harder alcohol. Some Japanese people lack the enzyme to reduce the alcohol are then n Bißle beer or wine scho well served. On one of my colleagues take the also very funny is when non-affected.
Here we also directly asked by people whether you can drink, but here I'm so the bending frequency by more fighting weight. ;)

And as is customary in Japan so many times, I was then dragged to karaoke.
Did I then just tried to have 99 balloons, but as expected got the melody not really together. Later, I tried to tell me then what Nickelback went much better.
Japanese are really very enthusiastic about what concerns Karaoke .... at some point has n me Colleague of the micro-pressed in the hand and said, "Sing a duet with is ".... Of course, no song I've never heard before, I could read the text would indeed have been not as fast as necessary. But all in all wars very funny.

From Tue (Monday is holiday) is my colleague on vacation, I called the next 5 working days only for the SAP Support zuständing am, in consultation with Germany indicated. In what is still ... I work in any case small at first enough.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

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I am now quite a while back from berlin.
last monday so I've taken the USMLE, united states medical license exam.
has fallen a total of from 3. and I've now been taking Step 1.
as it was I can not say at all.
we were three there, so natalia, chris and me. Of course there were others that took the test but I have my people now so that I know of detail.
had tested the 336 and everyone had to ask other questions. The questions will be chosen from a pool and each has a different test. and also developed the test. that is, if one is good, so much answer is correct, the question harder. if you are bad they are lighter.
after 6 hours I was ready.
was somewhat stressful. mainly because everything will be also monitored. being filmed in the room and all that.
but now it has passed by, I've ud-free. the results are within weeks of sixth
it will be interesting. turn off

a little on the 13th I will fly to NY with my father. 'm looking forward total. 'm super excited about the city.
in the travel agency were quite incapable, so I'm all alone posted. had a lot to say expensive one.
's see how my organization is running also. got a hotel, booked the flight, and transfer.

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storm weather

it just now under storm like the world . Go It rained that the water was everywhere on the road and thundered and flashed that I've become almost numb.
Luckily I was there already finished with my exploration of the area and shopping.
The environment is very beautiful and I 10 minutes is a swimming pool, the then I'll try it on occasion.
What I've also found is that there are many incredible schools. With schools here have very large outdoor area. Sometimes there are even baseball fields, tennis courts and swimming pools available. In addition, here are
worn school uniforms, the girls wear skirts almost always, some of which are incredibly short (just over miniskirt). I always thought of it a prejudice.

Kinko Business Cards Jpg Price


Today I used the day off to go shopping for another round, therefore I'm me n nice Enkaufszentrum called Takashimaya Times Square in Shinjuku-ku picked out.
Where the specific shopping center is so very true net somehow. The whole can only be described with NEM image.

So that's all the shopping center. 14 floors with each floor as large is that with more than 10 minutes from one end to the other needs.

standard price of all kinds, probably all, Parisian designers to things for my wallet.
the top 2 floors are eating miles where I have done well n good food. You can also go out to the viewing platform and then NEN has super views.


What the Japanese can not be without is of course a little shrine. Also high on the outside platform.


If it interests you the full explanation from the inside. Check out the shoe department at .
where I could buy anything, unfortunately. (About 150 € upwards)

has it all in all I Takashimaya and really liked when I had more money I'd like that of a regular customer. ;) Soooo great bags and shoes * swarm *

I also bought some small things n including for my apartment because it works yet so a bit boring and dull and a small beauty case with cats pattern. * Kawaii *

Lingual Before And After

first week

So my first internship week is around. Raises the question of what I've actually driven the last week?


first working day. Finding the way to work was relatively easy. Although the trains are quite full, but it feels no closer than half-empty train to NEM Göppingen to drive. In addition, you can get people here first, and only rises after itself. The ne is the custom with us, unfortunately, still lacking in some way. Unfortunately, I

had no computer on Monday and could also make demensprechend net too much. In fact I've spent the morning that showed me everything and then I'm alittle bit Katakana writing practice.

noon I am then to the office to apply for my Alien Registration Card. Now I need to give me the phone n s bank account or to open.


Did I finally get NEN PC, but until then has the time everything was taken quite a while. My team leader is, unfortunately, that is the fastest net sooo ..... * I am now petrified *

The rest of the week then I've done what Bißle n. Net with everything here so fast, everything is very comfortable around me somehow. That's probably why the puzzle solution is allegedly worked in Japan as much. The work is not easy but more slowly, we would probably create in the in the normal 8 hours.


Here's to every 1 hour lunch break. Food selection standard can be found here more than enough, will try out for all of the rich half year net well.
In 5 - 10 min drive range is something 30-40 Restaurant, additionally ne supermarkets and a lot Bento stalls. What
here is a little unusual, however, that when we eat with the boss, he was paid for the meal complete. Somehow I feel weird because if someone else pays my food just so, for paying back any ego yes net. However, it is so that the elderly, Superiors charged without expecting anything here out of pure politeness somehow.

toilets (sounds funny but is actually worth NEN paragraph why.?):

first The toilet seats are heated, so roughly at body temperature.
second They can make a button press Spülgeräusche, which I find kind of funny.
and 3 What I like best. If the sink is a cabinet in which each has a small pocket for ne toothbrush, makeup and other women's business has. Very cool (now have one too;))


are very nice, although some limited English, but they try to converse with me and help me where to go only. I was twice with n few ladies lunch and both times was very funny. Only the Japanese women are indeed rather small, if I find that running is very tiring because of the running so slow. With my long legs I'll be there somehow automatically fast forward. However, I am
net the only German here. There are still nen second trainee, which is quite nice, however, can much better Japanese than I do. N

some pictures may not be missing. I can see when I am in office window look.



As you can guess already, the office is in the 18 Floor. :)

Finally ne small size: The Butcher is ne. :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

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Today I was exploring the surrounding area.
A block down is for quite a shopping street (yes that is open on Sundays).
For the road is the cool control that between 3 and 6 clock may not pass through the afternoon no cars. There stand warning signs in the middle of the road.


Des here is n sweet little neighborhood, pretty much without foreigners I believe. However, I can really distinguish Japanese net of other Asians.

Cool is that rumstehn everywhere vending machines where you can buy cheap what to drink. With all I mean about every 5 m (no exaggeration)


The shopping area looks like


Although I grad mal n few days because I feel I am still here somehow not unfamiliar, though I can neither read nor understand what the people around me.

And last but not n little puzzle for you. What sells this store?


Monday, September 1, 2008

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explore finally here

So after 2 days in the aircraft have felt self finally.

went off early in the morning to walk across in Stuttgart


To then once over the Paris airport and vexed with the French ...


Then I have more than 12 hours spent in an Airbus. In a loud non-Japanese to rum. : P
I really thought I noticed sometimes the legs off ..


then everything went smoothly in Japan, when I went through passport control was already encouraging the luggage conveyor belt.
Outside I was then overtaken by my colleagues in Takashi (may fluent English) and brought to my apartment.

Here it is quite warm and the humidity is really bad. I want to ram scho shower before I even finished dried hab. ;)

During the flight, I could not sleep and so I then made up of Sa on Sun with a fantastic 15 hours.